During #STEPtember matching days, donations are DOUBLED! That means you can double your impact. Matching days will be communicated to participants via email the day of the match. Only online donations made during the allocated timeframe will be matched.






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Copy and paste any of these sample social posts onto your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

  • 10K steps (or just a lot of movement!) every day for 28 days. I’m stepping up for cerebral palsy research. #STEPtember @Step4CP

  • Excited to step up for cerebral palsy research for 28 days this #STEPtember. @Step4CP

  • I’m stepping up every day for 28 days for CP research. I hope you’ll support me. <insert personal fundraising link> #STEPtember @Step4CP

  • I’m doing a lot of <favorite exercise> all through #STEPtember and I’ve got a <$$$> fundraising goal. Can you help me reach it? @Step4CP

  • This is how I roll. I’m steppin’ it up my way this #STEPtember for cerebral palsy research. Please help me reach my <$$$> goal. @Step4CP

  • Two weeks down. I’ve done a lot. The equivalent of <###> steps. That’s a big deal for me. I hope you’ll celebrate by supporting cerebral palsy research. @Step4CP

  • Can’t believe it’s almost the end of #STEPtember. I’m proud of what I’ve done and grateful to everyone who’s given back already. I hope you’ll give for cerebral palsy research, too. @Step4CP

  • It’s a MATCHING DAY! That means whatever you give today will get doubled (‘til the match runs out). So if you haven’t given yet, today’s the day to do it. And if you feel like giving again, go for it. It’s the best time to do it. #STEPtember @Step4CP

  • Last day. Wow. Help me close out #STEPtember with a bang and give a bit (or a lot!) for cerebral palsy research. @Step4CP


Email more of your thing? Here are two templates you can use (and edit!):


    Dear [name],

    I hope you’re doing well! I’m reaching out because I’m doing something that’s important to me, and I’m hoping you can help.

    This September, I’ll be taking the equivalent of 10,000 steps every day to support the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF). They fund groundbreaking research to help treat and manage cerebral palsy (CP), to discover ways to prevent it, and to ultimately find a cure.

    18 million people have CP worldwide and I’m proud to be doing what I can to help them. I hope you’ll join me and support this worthy cause. It’s no small thing to say you’ve helped change lives.

    You can make a one-time donation, just click here. ( (Donations are charitable contributions and CPARF will send you a tax receipt.)

    Every single gift is appreciated.

    With gratitude,



    Thanks for supporting me this STEPtember. Your donation means a lot to me because it’s going to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation — an organization that’s funding groundbreaking research into treating, preventing, and finding a cure for cerebral palsy.

    And it means a lot to the 18 million people around the world who have cerebral palsy. Take a look at some of the faces of CP and learn more about the foundation’s life-changing work here:

    Thanks again for stepping up for me.