Welcome to the cutting edge.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation lives on the cutting edge. It’s where researchers thrive, where we do our best work, where we’re about to change the world. And we’re driven to that edge by hope.

The hope that we can help people with cerebral palsy live pain-free. That we can help them live the lives they envision for themselves. Hope that we can amplify their voices – allowing them to say what’s on their mind whenever they want to and be understood. Hope that we can prevent CP in the first place. And hope that one day we’ll find a cure.

We proudly team up with Australia’s Cerebral Palsy Alliance.


When we say we’re global, we mean it.

CPARF is based in New York, where we opened nearly four years ago. But we trace our beginnings to 2005 in Sydney, Australia.

We both address a pressing need: a real lack of funding for research surrounding CP — a common, lifelong disability. And we share the same mission: to fund the world’s most innovative researchers as they uncover ways to treat, prevent, and, ultimately, cure CP.